If you have been searching the net for that perfect dog food brand, then there is a good chance that you have encountered the Wainwrights Dog Food brand at some stage during your search. You are probably wondering whether Wainwrights Dog Food is a good choice, and whether you should add it to your short list of products to try.

We have decided to make it easy for you, and to combine all the pros and cons, from all the reviews out there, into one easy article. We will start with the cons of Wainwright Dog Food.

Wainwrights Dog Food – The Cons

The major complaint out there about Wainwrights Dog Food seems to be not that the food is bad – most people who have tried it love it! It is that the product is priced so closely to competing brands!Wainwrights Dog Food

The rationale behind this particular argument is that while Pets at Home have to pay distribution and transport costs for other products, since Wainwrights Dog Food is their own brand, which is not necessary.

Of course, at first glance, that looks like it could be a valid argument, however, think about it this way: Wainwrights Dog Food is a relatively new brand, and the product range is extensive, and ever expanding. That kind of expansion, particularly in a high level, top quality dog food brand, requires a lot of research and development, and that costs money. There are probably also all kinds of costs involved in manufacturing a premium dog food like this, and if you are not already one of the big name brands, you are going to be spending a pretty penny on that.

We would all like to see Wainwrights Dog Food become a little more competitive, but we think it is fair that during their growth, research, and development process, they are on par with the competition. After all, would we really want them to scrimp on developing or making a brand like Wainwrights Dog Food?

Wainwright Dog Food – The Pros

Now that the main negative is out the way, let us look at the pros related to Wainwrights Dog Food.

First, there are the formulas they use. They are as careful with ingredients and proportions with Wainwrights Dog Food as they are with most of the bigger, more expensive brands. Hypoallergenic ingredients, including real meat, are carefully blended with quality carbs, important additives like yucca and taurine, and the formula is scientifically balanced.

Then there is taste – and from all accounts, neither dog owners nor their pooches have any complaints about Wainwrights Dog Food – and that is important, because there are too many brands out there that promise all kinds of benefits, but that give your dog that slightly unhappy look at dinnertime!

Is Wainwright Dog Food For You?

The simple fact is that no one can tell you that Wainwright Dog Food, or any other brand for that matter, is the right one for you and your dog. It may be the perfect brand on paper, and it certainly has all the necessary elements to make it a great choice, but that is no guarantee that it will work for your dog! An alternative dog food may be the Orijen dog food and their stores can be found using the Orijen Dog Food Store Locator. More information can be found at Professional Dog Food.