There has been a misconception that flu is only cured through medication. This is something that many people have believed as gospel truth but the fact is that several other options are available. Have you ever known that eating certain types of food can help prevent flu? If no, this is the knowledge time because you will learn heavily about such foods and how they work.

Raw garlic is one of the proven fighters of the flu which you should consider eating. It is well suited for use in preventing the flu before it occurs or curing it once it has happened. This food has two main components namely allicin and alliin whose effect is instant in preventing virus development. It works the best when the flu virus is detected on time and this garlic food is used to break its growth cycle immediately. It is recommended for chewing it raw for a sustained period of time. It wouldn’t taste that pleasant but your flu would be gone for sure!

Onions are good for Fighting Flu

Onions are other type of foods that very few people know about their strength in fighting off flu. They contain the same antiviralcompounds as the garlic, thus their functioning is also not very different. You should take raw onions very often and as many times as possible in a day, especially when you detect the flu coming. This will be a very effective way of dealing with such a situation compared to going for medication. Alternatively, you can have the raw onions added to your food which can as well give you the desired results.

SPICES- An Amazing Cure To Your Flu

If you are not a fan of spices then this is the time for you to reconsider the decision because they can also help prevent flu. They come in different types but the common ones for dealing with flu include cloves, turmeric and cinnamon. They work by enhancing the capacity as well as effectiveness of the immune system whose weakness paves the way for flu to take charge in your body. If you have spices in your food all the time, the instances of enduring a running nose will never be a bother to you anymore.

All Types of Berries Help A Lot

The berries can as well work wonders in helping you deal with flu and this is a proven thing. It does not matter the type of berries that you go for as they are all well suited for this function. They come with antioxidants which are recognized to work vigorously in fightingoff any viruses known to cause flu. You can have a specific serving for berries in a day which should be observed all the time.

Chicken Soup

Lastly, you should consider having chicken soup in your diet with black pepper added, as an alternative to dealing with a flu situation in your life. Subsequent researches done across the world and over the years have shown that this soup, in specific, has a very effective way of putting off viruses that cause flu.