The Land Down Under is famous for its top notch wine, and fresh gourmet. Tourists from around the world visit Australia to taste what the country has to offer. Food lovers, wine enthusiasts, and adventurous travelers will have an awesome time. Visit interesting places, celebrate wine festivals, or go on a food tour around the country. Do whatever tickles your fancy and let Australia surprise you. To help you start your adventure, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on Australia’s popular food and wine festivals.

Australia: A Melting Pot of Faith, Festivals, and Food

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there are over 23 million people living in the country. Since migrants have flocked to Australia. More than 40% of the population has a mixed cultural origin. You can see this diversity in Australia’s cuisine, which includes some of the world’s most delicious dishes. Whether you like Asian spices, European flavours, African delicacies, or Mediterranean dishes, you’ll find something great to eat around the country. Enjoy a romantic Italian dinner with your loved one in a quaint Italian restaurant. Have a glass of sangria and some tapas in a Spanish strip. Share a bowl of authentic noodles or dumplings with your family in Chinatown. Bring some Thai takeaway on your tour around major cities. The best thing about all these is that you can experience the best of Australia through the country’s different food and wine festival.

Food and Wine Festival Overview

Yearly wine festivities commemorate viticulture and often occur between September and October, after the grape harvest season. Australia, Germany, Hungary, and Italy are some of the countries with the biggest wine festivals. According to studies, Egypt is one of the first countries to cultivate wine. From there, wine cultivation spread to Etruria, Greece, Israel, Rome, Turkey and the rest of the world. Wine festivals include a showcase of a region’s best food and greatest music. Almost every city in Australia has an annual food and wine festival. Some tourists schedule their tours according to the festivals they’d like to experience in the country. Others attend festivals that highlight their favorite food or wine. For instance, some take a trip to the Land Down Under for the Great Barrier Feast. This festival displays the country’s freshest seafood.

Festival of Launceston, Tasmania

Tasmania is famous for its high quality beers, cool climate wines, and fresh produce. Festivale is a yearly event held in February. To give guests a one-of-a-kind experience, organizers pick Launceston’s charming, and historic city park as the venue for the event. This event attracts over 40,000 visitors to Tasmania. Guests will have the chance to taste the best of Tasmania’s wine and gourmet food through over 65 stalls. Bring the whole family to experience world-class entertainment, street theatre, music, and dance. Enjoy watching interstate and local artists perform in the event and discover Australia’s breed of talents.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

This event is the biggest and most popular food and wine festival in Australia. Wine and food lovers from all over the world participate in this festival. For 20 days, guests will be busy attending over 300 wonderful events. Melbourne’s finest restaurants, rooftop venues, basements, and laneways open their doors and participate in the festival. This is the perfect time to try Australia’s seasonal produce, visit lively food markets, and meet innovative chefs. Celebrities and popular personalities in the culinary and wine industry attend this annual event. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival also honors the region’s celebrated artisans, chefs, producers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and winemakers.

Aussie Wine Month

Wine Australia spearheads this festival, which includes about 100 events of celebrations, promotions, and tasting the world’s best wines. The event brings winemakers and lovers together to promote value, diversity, and quality of Australian wine. This is a great opportunity for tourists and guests to try the country’s finest wines. Whether you like Margaret River Cabernet, Tasmanian Pinot Noir, or Yara Valley Chardonnay, you’ll find the best bottles in this event.

Taste of the Outback of Regional South Australia

In April, tourists can experience the best of South Australia through this 4-day feast. It showcases delicious food and great wine from Innaminkca in the north to Jamestown in the south. For a unique experience, go to an exclusive candlelit dinner on a camel. You can also take cooking classes or watch entertaining movies under the stars. The highlight of this event is an Aussie Tea Cookout at the grand Flingers Ranges. Other festivals tourists can go to are the Kangaroo Island Seafood Festival, and Noose International Food & Wine Festival. Whenever you decide to go to Australia, you’ll find different festivities to attend.