An herb grinder is a device that is in the shape of a cylinder and it can be used for several different purposes. Your most basic example of an herb grinder is one that consists of two compartments and when they are turned in opposite directions of each other they grind up the herbs or buds inside until it is finely shredded. It grinds up the contents by the sharp teeth in which can be found inside of the grinder. Initially the main use of an herb grinder was to grind up fresh herbs in the kitchen for cooking but in today’s times they are also used to grind up marijuana. This is done because it creates perfectly shredded bud that can be rolled into a joint that will burn evenly.

Your average herb grinder can be made out of plastic or metal and even some are made from wood, they can come in all kinds of colors, designs, patterns, sizes, amount of compartments and more. So choosing the right one for your budget may take some time and can even is a bit stressful feeling. When it comes to the amount of compartments that the herb grinder has it is up to you on what to get. Herb grinders that have four compartments are the best herb grinder to go with because there is a compartment that grinded up herbs or bud falls into and then under that is a kief collector so you never have to waste anything again.

Some herb grinders that you have to choose from can even come see through so you can watch the contents get grinded up and so you can see when your stash is running low and when you will need to grind some more up. And even though herb grinders are now more commonly used for smoking marijuana they are still very popular in the kitchen. They are wonderful for grinding up fresh herbs and even spices so you can use it to help create a constant and delicious taste when it comes to soups, stocks, broths, gravies, seasonings for meals and more. The bottom compartment of the large herb grinders, also known as the kief collector comes in handy with herbs too because different sized and textured herbs are better for different uses when it comes to all of the methods that there are to choose from with cooking.

Overall an herb grinder saves you money, makes you great tasting meals as well as can help you to make perfectly rolled joints and they are small, affordable, durable and more. Like how there is such a wide selection to choose from with each one being so unique and having its own aspects and features that you can choose from. Just choose the one that you are most attracted too and keep in mind that if you are planning to use it all the time you should go with a metal herb grinder that is four pieces.