There are many people who are struggling with cancer and some are able to live beyond it as well. However many people have to resign themselves to a lifetime of regular checkups in order to ensure that they do not have the cancer growth back in their system. For such people there is food for thought being offered by the experts. They recommend that they follow the right dietary guidelines to make a difference in how their system fights the disease.

Many might get the feeling of relief when chemotherapy is able to keep their cancer at bay. However there is no surety that it will not strike back. For some it might be a slight growth that needs to be addressed by another round of chemotherapy while for others it might bring more alarming news. Nutrigenomics Might Be The Answer. Many experts are stressing on the role that diet has on cancer. One such article has been published by the Prevention Research Center located at Yale University which is part of the body of science being termed a Nutrigenomics. As per such a study stream, food is the powerful medicine that one has to turn to ultimately for all ailments.

Even if genetics determine the possibility of certain ailments occurring in your body like cancer, you might be able to change the behavior of these genes with the choice of food on your plate. Genetic studies reveal that genes that react to cancer can be turned on or off and can even be re coded in order to fight the disease. The switch is found with the help of the right diet. Interplay Of Nutrients And Immune System. The diet which can help fight cancer needs to be optimized as per one’s immunity system. If the immunity system can be influenced right, it will work on suppressing the abnormal cells. Again, the reaction of a patient to different food items is also dependent on the genetic makeup of the person. To understand such roles, scientists are exploring the different nutrients like bioactive food compounds, minerals and vitamins as per the reaction of the human genes. Thus, it would be possible to obtain a personalized diet from the doctor in order to fight cancer.

Guiding Principles. In general, it is best to avoid mega doses of any one nutrient. All nutrients should come from food and supplements should be avoided. A plant based diet works best. It is best to avoid processing one’s food and to have it in the whole or cooked form. Dark chocolate is beneficial but sugar intake should be reduced. For cancer patients it is necessary to consume adequate amounts of vitamin C as found in citrus fruits, zinc as found in beans, mushrooms and mussels and vitamin E found in nuts, spinach and avocado. These are some of the principle ways to define one’s diet when one is fighting cancer in their bodies or to prevent it from coming on.