Finding out the best puppy food brand for your little pet can be quite a difficult task, and involves lots of research and patience. Since there are so many brands available, things become all the more difficult, as you can get confused or might simply end up opting for one that is too well publicized. However, while deciding on a brand for your little dog, there are many factors you need to keep in mind, and not simply the cost.

While trying to find out the best puppy food brand, you first need to discover what a proper recipe should include. Few items that you need to search for are:

  1. Complete vitamin and mineral profile
  2. No addition of any colors, artificial flavors, and preservatives
  3. Carbohydrates in low amount
  4. Meat based proteins present in larger amounts
  5. Properly named meat sources
  6. Natural fats and oils in high amounts
  7. Low amount of or complete absence of meat and vegetable by products

Most puppy owners, who are trying to find out the best puppy food brand, are not happy with the high protein content in dog foods. A belief prevalent amongst most dog owners is that if the food is rich in proteins it can lead to hip issues and joint problems. Contrarily, it is overfeeding that causes hip dysplasia and skeletal diseases in dogs. In certain cases, it is not even connected to the dog’s diet, but is a result of genetics or dietary calcium given in too high an amount. If you want to avoid such issues, then from the very beginning make sure you feed your puppy on a set time, and correctly measure the amount of food you are placing in his bowl. Apart from researching how to find out the best puppy food, you should also give attention to the nutrient content of the mix. The protein minimum and maximum that puppies need is different from what adult dogs require, and the needs also differ per breed. Calcium and fat content also has a very important role to play for the proper health of a growing puppy. It might seem quite difficult a task but finding out the best food for your breed is not at all difficult.

AAFCO, to make it easier for dog owners to understand how to find the best complete and balanced food for their puppy, made a nutrient profile, which has been created for growing puppies. You should try to find out puppy food that has at least 37 key nutrients. The ingredients list should contain a minimum of 11 vitamins, 10 amino acids, and 12 minerals. Brands that have allowed their mixes to go through a testing, and have qualified in the same, will have an AAFCO nutritional adequacy statement present on their puppy food package. If you think all adult food or dog food is good for your little pet, then you are mistaken. Food that is specifically made for puppies contains lower amount of some nutrients and higher amounts of others. In fact, foods that are made for adult dogs can prove to be harmful owing to the absence of some important nutrients that a growing puppy needs. You should opt for food that is specifically created for puppies or those that are labeled fit for all life stages of dogs.