This is absolute NOT a diet post, whilst I will write about real food diet weight loss, I do not believe in diets. Eating prepackaged, unsatisfying diet plan meals or counting calories is no fun way to live your life, that’s for sure. That is about reaching your own ideal weight – an by ‘ideal weight’, I mean a natural body equilibrium – and eating actual food just how it had been meant to be eaten. Whillst weight loss with a real food diet is possible the goal of a real food diet isn’t weight loss in the traditional sense.

Real Food Diet Weight Loss – It’s A Lifestyle Change

Again, this isn’t an extreme weight loss diet! To shed excess weight, there is no better strategy than altering your diet to incorporate food that is is less refined and more natural and as nature intended, for example – vegetables, fruits, oatmeal and brown rice etc. That doesn’t mean bland food though! A real food diet plan must included tasty, natural, yummy meals or you will become bored. If you want to start a real food diet for weight loss, bare in mind, a real food diet is about finding a natural equilibrium within your body. Whilst you can lose weight on a real food diet, it should be about focusing on real, healthful permanent changes to the way you physically and mentally engage with food.

Real Food Diet Plan As Nature Intended

Step one is learning how to consume and prepare ‘real foods’ and remove food that is processed. This might not be easy to understand because big food corporations spend billions of dollars yearly on promotion and promotion efforts that get one to eat foods that are processed. In the event you are eating processed foods like those recorded and fight with weight loss, this may function as the origin of your issue. Many people have a considerable and rather turbulent dieting history. Like a volatile relationship with a past lover their relationship with food has been all consuming, controlling, perhaps binging at times and then depriving themselves – or being deprived. Like all bad relationships, it’s doomed to fail. This is where a real food diet helps with weight loss, as well as maintaining a desired weight. Sometime so simple can be rather confusing to start off with. So where do you start? On a real food diet weight loss plan, foods that are taboo wind up being things like corn and it’s derivatives, trans fat, processed grains, white sugar, white flour and other food that has been broken down, refined and not in its entire form. Just doing that is a great way to maintain weight after weight loss.

Real food

But what about losing weight with real food? Well, once you have become accustomed to eating whole foods, cut your portions down by 25%. Everything, even fruits and vegetables, so that you can escape that “all you can eat” mentality – once you have achieved this, gradually up your percentage* (see notes below). It was not difficult for me to reduce my portions sizes by 25%. These matters aren’t unsustainable for myself. But eating just one slice of wholemeal base pizza, with 50% less cheese? Simple. Or having that (small portion) burger, opting for the bun to be wholemeal, with no mayo, real tomatoes instead of ketchup and the burger baked instead of fried – it’s much easier than you think. In fact, it is not difficult in the least. Eating smaller sized portions is a lifestyle change when eating out because eateries, magazines, websites, and TV always skew the portions to larger numbers. When I cook at home it’s much easier.

Real Food Diet Snack

It’s seemingly some what clear that people now are eating food that our ancestors would not recognise in the least. Whilst trying to emulate our ancestors diet, for example a paleo weight loss type diet, might be a tad too far for some. Keeping it simple and going back to basics is probably a good idea. But bear in mind that it’s not a good idea to romanticise what our ancestors ate and assume these folks were thin, in superb health and a lot of the ailments which are killing western diet eater in the million, they never suffered from. Because frankly, it’s rubbish! Our ancestors suffered from malnutrition, finding calorie dense foods was not only hard but what their lives revolved around, and they led nomadic lifestyles often travelling for many hundreds, or sometimes thousands of miles a year in search of food. It wasn’t until the advent of agriculture that calorie dense foods could be easily cultivated and allow for the population explosion we have today. In fact, it’s suspected that culturally, being fat in those times was seen as a status symbol! Being fat was for the rich classes who had access to food, it showed they had the biggest territories. Ironic now, that the pursuit of food low in calorific value is now seen as the middle class pass time!