The seven foods that make you can’t sleep at all

Everybody wants to eat what they want, have a rest as they like, and have enough sleep. But than, eating in improper way can make you difficult to sleep according to the experts. Recently, many media reported that the American nutritionists have stated out the 7 major food that make us just could not have enough sleep. It is worth-reading.

1?Caffeine (Drinks)

As you know, caffeine is known as the reasons of causing Insomnia, but according to American registered nutritionist Michelle Duda, although caffeine won’t bring our body any energy, it is a type of irritant that would lead to Insomnia by increasing the alertness of our body.

2. Cheese

Many nutritionists said cheese contains lots of Amino acid and tyrosine. And tyrosine can help to produce Dopamine which is responsible for the signal transmission in our brain nerve in our body. And that can make our mind clearer so as to cause Insomnia.

3. Spicy food

If we eat to much spicy food at dinner, it can also cause Insomnia. If patients with heartburn eat spicy food at dinner, his state of the sickness will be further worsen after he lie down and that also greatly affect his sleeping condition. So that many experts suggest that we prefer eating spicy food earlier to later if we really want to eat them.

4. Processed or smoked meat

Many experts states that processed meat contains lots of Tyrosine , which would produce Dopamine that can make our brain active. Other than affecting our sleeping quality, they are also the unhealthiest food, called as junk food.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol has the use of sedation but it is so strange that we cannot fall asleep easily after we drunk. Experts said that many people try to drink to relax, but than the alcohol would slower our body to enter the REM and deep sleep. Because of this reason, many people think that they are groggy although they seem have lots of sleep the night before.

6. Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate contains Tyrosine and it can be converted into stimulus, dopamine, which can make us stay up all night and cannot fall asleep at all.

7. Ginseng Tea

Some Herbal Tea can help us to sleep but we should try to avoid the use of ginseng. Some people do not have a great effect after drinking Ginseng Tea but some have the problem of Insomnia and increase in blood pressure. Many experts suggest that we should avoid drinking Ginseng Tea a few hours before you want to sleep.