Hand-picked ingredients

    Nothing less than supreme quality ever enters the kitchen of The Lavender House, which makes all the difference. Cream of the cream ingredients is used for cooking courses which will leave you stumped.

    Never before tasted flavours

    Since we have hand-picked ingredients delivered to us, we put our passion and years of experience to work to serve you curries and desserts in unusual flavours which you have never tasted before.

    Menu designed by professionals

    The Lavender House has a reputation for working with the best chefs in the city who are diligent and passionate towards their work. Case in point, they are responsible for curating our menus, which are beyond your expectations.

    Something in store for all

    At The Lavender House, we like to ensure that every person from a child to an elderly enjoys their evening, which is why we have something distinctive in store for all our customers. Book your table today!

    Award-winning delicacies served to your table

    As the holder of various food awards, we proudly present to you our diverse range of award-winning scrumptious cuisines which will melt in your mouth like a dream and awaken your taste bulb for a satisfactory experience.

    Always serving with a smile on our face

    The servers at The Lavender House have been applauded several times by our customers for their smiling and friendly-attitude even in tense situations. To dine in a restaurant which feels always welcoming, book your table today.


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    Our strength

    Undoubtedly, we have a team of excellent chefs with years of experience up their sleeves who strive to introduce new and extraordinary flavours to your palate, making us the right pick for fine-dining. Also, our servers are a strong support system for us who play a crucial role in keeping you patient while we prepare your exclusive meal.

    Our aim

    Our aim? To serve what you love! From burgers to Minochi, our menu is a blend of all-time favourite appetizers along with our chef-crafted delicacies which you won’t find anywhere else. We ensure that your tummy and taste buds thank you when you leave the restaurant, and you start planning your next visit right away!

    What's more to us

    Aside from the delicious appetizers and main courses that we serve to see a smile and satisfaction on your face, we focus on creating an ambience which is just right to set the perfect dining mood for you and your beloved. Our decor is one-of-a-kind, which received numerous compliments, and our cutlery never fails to impress.










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